Best option for home or office relocation

office relocation

Are you planning to move home or office? What are the most cost-effective ways you can move your properties, safely and timely without breaking the bank?

Some people go for logistics services, in which case a truck or van from a logistics company comes to pick up the persons properties from the present location to the new location. This is usually based on fixed cost per trip. It could also include things like handling, loading, and unloading costs.

The downside of engaging logistics services for home or office relocation is that in a bid to squeeze all the properties into the available truck or van, to minimize the number of trips and save cost, some items that require special handling could get damaged.

Also, at the end of the day, the customer might have underestimated and could find himself or herself in a situation where the next trip becomes available at half or quarter truck load.

Logistics is usually better for inter-state relocations. When one is relocating within the same city, it may be better to rent the van or truck. This will enable the person to make multiple trips at no cost save for the fuel cost. In doing this, items that require special handling are moved with no risk of damage.

So, choosing logistics or rentals depends on need and cost and a compromise can always be struck to achieve both cost savings and minimal damages to asset.

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